To be a business group, seen as a model to be followed in the industrial sector, with a clear international focus and characterised by its commitment to clients, employees and shareholders.
Thus contributing to the competitiveness of the strategic industrial sectors for which we work.


To bring added value to the industrial services in the engineering, manufacturing, assembly and maintenance sectors, by presenting a global offer whose differentiating factors are innovation, specialisation and flexibility.

On the basis of a solid group strategy with great potential and optimisation of the resources and synergies of the group's teams.


Desarrollamos actividades con vistas en largo plazo. En la esfera medio ambiental, con un consumo responsable de los recursos naturales, de manera que no hipoteque el futuro de las generaciones posteriores. En el ámbito económico, primando el mantenimiento de operaciones en el largo plazo por encima de las oportunidades presentes que lo comprometen.

We act to provide the necessary resources to guarantee the safety of both people and facilities, and to protect the environment.

We endeavour to guarantee a combination of technical quality and human quality in all our acts and decisions.

Actuamos de forma honesta y mantenemos un compromiso con la ética y los valores que se derivan de ella y que quedan reflejados en nuestro código de conducta.

Cultura de compliance
El Consejo de Administración, la alta dirección y la dirección mantienen un compromiso activo, visible, consistente y sostenido en relación con los estándares de conducta que se exigen en toda la compañía trasladándolo tanto a todo el personal que lo integra como a terceras partes implicadas.

Nuestra compañía y las personas que forman parte de ella se hacen responsables de sus actos. Actuamos con la mayor determinación en la búsqueda de la mejor solución para nuestros clientes.

Hacemos saber a la sociedad cómo actuamos, abriendo paso a posibles críticas o juicios de valor. Buscamos aumentar la confianza entre quienes tienen relación con nuestra empresa, ya sean empleados, clientes, accionistas, proveedores o cualquier otro grupo de interés.

Reconocemos y defendemos la identidad, singularidad y dignidad de todas las personas que componen los distintos grupos de interés de nuestra empresa, con especial atención al respeto de los derechos humanos, derechos de los trabajadores y la inclusión de las comunidades locales y minorías.



Composites (compound materials) represent the finest example of industrial R&D&I worldwide. If account is also taken of the fact that standards now exist which protect and regulate the demands required with respect to design, installation, inspection, tests and trials, repairs to pipes and equipment in the industry with these materials can be made by means of innovative solutions that complement the traditional solutions.

Navec is constantly developing its own technology for the application of these solutions through R&D&I projects.

The Navec Group has a strategic collaborative agreement with Henkel for the research and development of new products that comply with the technical requirements of the applications designed by Navec. This collaboration enables us to take the latest technologies and formulations from the aeronautical and automotive industries and incorporate them into industrial maintenance engineering.

Structural repair

kevlar or ceramic particles, depending on the particular need. The agreement that we have with Henkel enables us to continue developing new materials and formulations.

Navec is constantly developing advanced systems and methodologies aimed at providing solutions using composite materials.

Surface coating of equipment and lines

The new developments in the technology of composites reinforced by nano ceramic particles have improved performance qualities, with respect to resistance to abrasion and corrosion, and to chemical attack. To date, the use of these technologies by our Applied Engineering Division has enabled us to offer the market innovative repair systems that increase the durability of equipment and considerably reduce costs incurred by maintenance shutdowns.

Thanks to these solutions, it is possible to save on funds assigned to traditional repair systems as well as on the purchase of new components and equipment.

Improved energy efficiency
In collaboration with the Chemistry Technology Centre of Catalonia (CTQC) and Rovira i Virgili University, we are leading a project in which studies and tests are being conducted to analyse the energy saving produced by nano ceramic coatings. The results obtained indicate that the use of these coatings can lead to improvements of between 8 and 12%.

Social Commitment

The Navec Group is keenly aware of the great importance of environmental and social objectives, set with the aim of sustaining both present and future generations. Therefore, for years now we have proactively participated in a wealth of activities, whose purpose is to foster the economic and social development of communities and organisations in those areas of the world in which we are present: NGOs, universities, cultural and sporting activities, etc.

Finally, we would stress that within the Navec Group we believe that internal and external communication provides essential support for dialogue and for the achievement of the objectives our company has set itself in the field of Sustainable Development.