Our international growth strategy includes collaboration with other companies with a view to establishing synergies based on the following criteria:

  • Transfer of know-how.
  • Strategic agreements.
  • Contribution of managers qualified in project management.
  • Improved costs through process optimisation.
  • Contribution of critical mass.
  • Support for international clients.

By working with companies from other countries that operate in our sector and share the same founding principles of excellence, Navec's aim is to establish our company successfully on new markets where our experience and commitment will enable us to continue building industry with rigour, professionalism and creativity and to offer a comprehensive and global service.

• Spain
• Mexico
• Peru
• Bolivia
• Colombia
• Chile

• Panama
• Chile
• France
• Belgium
• Germany
• Finland
• Romania
• Morocco
• Algeria
• Libya
• Qatar
• India
• China