HOLCIM awards the EPC contract for Koromacno decarbonisation (KOdeCO) Project to GRUPO NAVEC

The Engineering and Manufacturing Division of Grupo Navec has been contracted by Holcim Croatia for the 20 millions EUROS EPC Project to reduce CO2 emissions into the atmosphere of the plant that this company has in Koromacno, Croatia.

The Project, will last approximately 23 months and consists in the development of a new calciner and chlorine by-pass that will increase the alternative fuels consumption in the kiln at the same time that CO2 and Chlorine emissions into the atmosphere will be reduced. A new complete reception, storage and dosing facility for alternative fuels will be constructed.

Grupo Navec will accompany Holcim in its commitment to lead the transition of its sector with its "Net Zero" sustainability strategy, developing the engineering, purchasing, supply, assembly and commissioning of the whole system. 

Many thanks to Holcim Croatia for the trust placed in Grupo Navec.