Sealing leaks in lines and equipment in operation

Grupo Navec

We have the technology to repair leaks in lines and equipment without the need to shut down installations, with the consequent financial saving. Our range of sealing products is compatible with more than 250 different types of chemical products used in industrial processes.

Our workshops are equipped with the resources and tools, in addition to a stock of standard parts and accessories, to provide a swift and effective response whenever action is required.

These are the advantages of relying on our teams to seal leaks:

  • Study, design and manufacture of containment elements in compliance with code ASME VIII division I.
  • Technicians with considerable professional experience.
  • Personnel who specialise in this type of operation.
  • Certified and officially approved seals, meticulously checked.

Operational conditions in which we can take action:

  • Pressures from vacuum to 350 kg/cm2
  • Temperatures from –180º to 950º.