Safety valves: repair and stamping

Grupo Navec

We have workshops, technicians and staff who are specialists in the repair of safety valves, and we also have the most advanced technology in calibration equipment and benches, with the capacity to repair and manage more than 4,000 valves/year.

Thanks to our specialist knowledge of safety valves, we can offer our clients a quick response when problems need to be solved and valves require repair or stamping.

The sequence of the repair and stamping process is as follows:

  • Checking trip systems.
  • Repairing internal elements.
  • Verifying and cleaning all components.
  • Lapping seals and nozzles.
  • Fitting, adjusting and regulating.
  • Calibrating on an official test bench.
  • Drafting reports.
  • Final stamping and certification by the authorised body.