Maintenance engineering and innovation

Grupo Navec

We offer consultancy services and we integrate optimum solutions, incorporating new organisational methods, and new control, monitoring and maintenance technologies. Our optimisation plans take account of theoretical and organisational resources, as well as technological and the most purely technical and instrumental resources. We have this global view of our profession, because our main objective is to provide industrial maintenance with an integral solution.

Development/optimisation of preventive maintenance plans
An effective maintenance plan will lead to improvements in the reliability, availability and performance of the plant, a reduction in costs, and an increase in safety and quality.

Predictive maintenance
Vibration analyser/collector CSI 2130.
Thermography chamber. FLIR Thermacam T400.
Specialist and certified personnel (ISO-18436).

CAMM and computing services
Development of personalised computing solutions.
Design, implementation, maintenance and management of computer applications.
CAMM and databases.

Maintenance audits
Energy efficiency studies.

We have agreements with professional training centres for the development of training plans, restoration of the role played by the apprentice, and recognition of professional experience in academic credits.