Maintenance and operations in cargo handling companies

Grupo Navec

Maintenance of gantry cranes, mobile cranes and the various belts in the bulk goods unloading area.

  • Changes of cables.
  • Change of grabs.
  • Changes of pulleys.
  • Preventative maintenance.
  • Movement of machinery for unloading.
  • Maintenance of diggers.
  • Bulk material stacking operations.

Lump sum items

  • Repair of damaged equipment.
  • Improvements to obsolete equipment.
  • Alignment of belt drive units.
  • Manufacture of traction drums.
  • Adaptations to RD1215.

Jobs by administration

  • Dismantling of cable winding reels.
  • Structural repairs to gantry cranes.
  • Alignment of rotating equipment.

Maintenance by administration in grain unloading area

  • Repair of grain unloading hoppers.
  • Optimisation of unloading installations.
  • Programming of parameters in Mascom-3.
  • Taking of samples and analysis of densities and humidity.
  • Water supply for irrigation and firefighting.
  • Assembly and maintenance of irrigation system.